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Waterking RV

Designed for your Recreational Vehicle

The WK-RV has been designed specifically for use in Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles. Protect your RV or Motorhome no matter where you travel. Enjoy soft water as well as good drinking water. Get the same benefits for your RV that you have for your home, just plug it in when you connect to your site. Due to the high costs of replacing the plumbing or water heater in your RV, it makes sense to and ensure that your plumbing and water heaters life is extended.

Waterking RV (WKRV)

The WKRV transmits a series of low-frequency random sequenced radio waves ranging from 1 to 10kHZ, pre-selected and controlled by micro-chip technology. A 110/9V CSA/UL approved transformer is included with each WK-RV. Each WK-RV weighs approximately 3 pounds and measures 14inches long, 8 inches wide and 6 inches high.

Price: $359.00 + Shipping and Handling $25.00