Water-King 2

Designed for your home

The WK-2 is designed to meet the needs of a family with a home of more than 1,000 square feet. This will provide enough soft water for you to comfortably enjoy! Generally we rely on the number of bathrooms to provide a guide to the size of unit required. If too small a unit is chosen and the effectiveness of the unit is deemed inadequate, then an upgrade in unit size can be arranged subsequently.

Waterking 2 (WK2)

The WK 2 has a dual RF transmission controlled by four microchips which broadcast asynchronously. The base output is 30V, derived from a 110V/9V transformer drawing a maximum of 800mA with an antenna transmission of 1 watt. A 110/9V CSA/UL approved transformer is included with each WK 2.

Price: $499.00 + Shipping and Handling $25.00