Hard Water and Lime Scale is a problem everywhere...

WATERKING is the Easiest, Most Sensible and Most Cost Effective solution on the market! Designed for your Home or RV!

Our Products

Waterking USA has the solution

There are several models of Waterking available, each designed to cope with a specific size of the property and extent of water hardness. Generally we rely on the number of bathrooms to provide a guide to the size of unit required. If too small a unit is chosen and the effectiveness of the unit is deemed inadequate, then an upgrade in unit size can be arranged subsequently.

Waterking 1

Designed for homes of 1,000 square feet or less the WK1 will meet your needs. That's enough soft water for up to two people to comfortably enjoy!

Waterking 2

For your home over 1,000 square feet the WK2 is perfect for you. The WK2 is perfect for your family of five or more to enjoy!

Waterking RV

The WKRV has been designed specifically for use in Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles. Protect your RV or Motorhome no matter where you travel. Enjoy soft water as well as good drinking water.

Money back Guarantee

We provide two separate Guarantees! A 100 day Money Back Guarantee and a 5 Year Manufacturers Warrantee.
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Green Product

Energy efficient, durable and often have low maintenance requirements. Free of Ozone depleting chemicals, toxic compounds and don't produce toxic by-products. Often made of recycled materials or content or from renewable and sustainable