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Hard Water and Lime Scale is a problem everywhere...

WATERKING USA is the Easiest, Most Sensible and Most Cost Effective solution on the market! Designed for your Home or RV!

Designed for your Home and RV

Waterking USA has the solution

Never buy salt again

Electronic Water Softener saves

No need to purchase, transport 40-50 pound bags of salt anymore. No need to have two water systems, plummed in your house for watering your plants and water to use for bathing. Instant Savings, cost per bag averages $20, using 20 bags per year - Put that $400 back in your pocket as savings. With WATERKING USA Products you never have to purchase salt again

Great for Environment

Salt water disposal not allowed in some cities

Salt deposits in the lines and equipment are a common occurance. These deposits can block the lines and that would be a costly repair to fix the lines or replace the equipment. Formation of salt bridges within equipment reduce capacity. Watering plants requires a separate water system that doesn't pass through a salt softener. Within most cities, if any water that passes through the salt system cannot be used outside as it may result in stiff penalties.

Saving Money

Salt conditioners are costly

Salt units themselves can range from $500 for a faucet device up to $3,000. This does not include installation charges, annual maintenance of the unit, disposal of unused salt scale and possible plumbing issues. Then there are additional purchases of salt throughout the year. WATERKING USA Products have the answer for your home and RV

Water Heater with Lime Scale

Damage your pipes and equipment

You can notice hard water build-up by white calcium areound your faucets. The larger issue is that once you notice this, some damage is already happening to your pipes and appliances attached to your plumbing like your hot water heater. This will reduce your water presure as well as the efficiency. Avoid this costly repairs or replacements with WATERKING USA